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Time to Renew

It is that time of year again. You may want to assure you renew all your domains so you do not forget. Also you can use the consolidation feature to change all the renewal months to the same month. This way you only have to do it once a year. Just a thought. Hope it helps.

Ever think of a site survey

You can know your audience.  Why not provide a survey to your customers.  The technology is simple these days.  Typically for a small fee you can have the survey conducted for you.  Of course it is your audience, or site members, and your questions.


You put in your questions and the survey is sent out.  Next you tally the information, actually the technology provider tally’s the information.  Once that is done you will have everything you need to know your audience better.

Domains and resellers

Did you know that you or anyone could be a reseller.  I did not know what that was until I took a look at a list of features.  Basically you would be reselling someone elses products or services.  Domain resellers are available and can provide you with a nice stream of income.  Essentially the service is already provided for you, all you have to do is allow others to obtain domains through you.


Support 24/7 is provided by them, not you, the billing and renewals is provided by them also.  There are also many tools but most importantly you do not have to set it up yourself.

NIche sites in content and country

These days it makes sense to take into account the fact that niche sites are becoming more popular. Not only are niche sites becoming more popular based on the content but also based on the country. So you will want to have a country specific site for your topics as well as niche sites. For example you can see how this site about homes for sale is niche because it is about a particular state in a particular region as opposed to the entire country. This is a great idea because it can save everyone time because they will find exactly what they’re looking for.

Use any countries registrar

These days if you’re looking for a registrar it does not matter what country you find them in. It is interesting that some services in some products you need to use in a particular country. However what it comes to registering a domain name you can use a domain name registrar in any country. I suggest you use this godaddy coupon to get a discount on a domain name with the world’s largest domain registrar. You can register just about any countries domain name there. It is not just a.com but they have multiple second-level domain extensions.

SSL Certificates

Many people are learning what SSL certificates are.  SSL stands for secure socket layer.  When you go to a site to shop or enter other information individuals will want to know that their information is secure.   No one wants to enter a password, credit card information or other secure information unless they know it is secure.


A certificate is authenticated by a third party.  In other words a certificate shows that someone authenticated the site you are about to enter information into.  A lock is typically shown in the browser bar.  At times a certificate is shown in a pop up and the user sees it and accepts it.


It would be worth looking into for your site as well.

Site creation

The last post I discussed how easy it is to create a site these days.  Now it is more than just templates.  You can add additional information to a site such as a blog, photos, and also a social page.

Note that these are all the typical big site features.  However many now provide this for standard website creation tools.  It is amazing that what used to take teams of programmers can now be added to any site.  Photo albums are great, so are blogs, but imagine also adding a social page at the click of a button.

Build a site with no experience

Imagine if you could create a website without any experience. It becomes more and more likely every day. Many sites, or web hosts, have realized that the best way to help customers is to provide them with east to design site templates. For example instead of just getting website space you now get templates and more.

Designs that used to be a simple template are now customizable. You can easily add features and graphics. When these systems first started they provided limited templates. Now everything is very unique because you can make it unique by creating your own site look and feel. Changing text is not enough to make it unique the changing of graphics is even better.

Best Deals in the UK

We will be posting the best deals in the UK that we can find.  Whether coupon or promo code, the best deals are hard to find so let’s work together to surface them here.